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Cruise the Sundays and visit the Addo elephants

1 Day

Cruise leisurely down the Sundays River before disembarking and tackling some of the dunes forming part of the biggest coastal dune field in the Southern Hemisphere. 
After the cruise visit Addo Elephant National Park for free and encounter the gentle giants of the bush. Addo has the biggest concentration of African elephants in the world and is probably the best place in South Africa to view wild elephants up close in their natural habitat.

History and Golf

Day 1: Spend the afternoon on a historic exploration adventure. Climb the Donkin Lighthouse, ascent the Campanile and visit Fort Frederick before going back in time at Castle Hill No7, alternatively explore the wonderful Route 67. Various free offers available to pass holders.

Day 2: Stretch the legs and play a round of golf at one of Port Elizabeth’s renowned golf courses. Pass holders get a free round of Golf at the Humewood Links and the Walmer Golf Club.

Cape Recife Lighthouse tour and the African Penguin

OPTION 1: Enjoy a Free Cape Recife Lighthouse tour. The original Portuguese name translates to “Cape of the reefs”, a reference to the geological features of this south-eastern part of South Africa’s coastline upon which many ships met their end. For this reason, an historic lighthouse was built on this promontory. The Cape Recife Lighthouse was built in 1851 and the first light beamed across the ocean on 1 April of that year. The lighthouse warns passing ships of the dangers of the romantically named Thunderbolt Reef – named after the HMS Thunderbolt, a British Royal Navy Sail and Paddle Frigate. Several natural hazards such as Thunderbolt Reef and Roman Rock, not far offshore, have claimed many a ship. The lighthouse is a twenty-four-metre high masonry tower, octagonal in cross-section. Originally painted four alternate bands of white and red, this was changed in 1929 to black and white bands which is the present colour scheme. We offer the possibility of a glimpse into another world with our tours of this fabulous piece of infrastructure. Lighthouses encompass an aura of romance, danger and legend – oh the stories they could tell! Be swept up in the drama, relive the history and feel the significance that this beacon has held for so many whose lives are spent on the ocean..

OPTION 2: Visit the SANCOBB facility at Cape Recife Nature Reserve where rescued African penguins and other marine birds are treated and rehabilitated.  Here the staff will show you around the facility for some first hand on hand experiences. Also explore the Cape Recife Nature Reserve.