Cape Recife Lighthouse and Coastal Marine Safari Free guided tour


Free guided Cape Recife Lighthouse and Coastal Marine Safari 

Explore a whole new world of wonder. This new safari activity will expose you to a wealth of coastal fauna and flora, including whales, dolphins, penguins and other bird life, as well as myriad residents of intertidal zones and dune systems. whether an early breakfast excursion or a sundowner bush & beach safari, the discoveries and photographic opportunities in the golden hours are endless. a highly experienced guide will educate visitors on fascinating aspects of the interconnected marine and terrestrial eco-systems that make this destination unique.

Pass offer: Pass holders free guided Cape Recife Lighthouse and Coastal Marine Safari, subject to a minimum of 4 pax per trip.

How to book: Prior booking required, due to groups and weather. Show pass on arrival. Bookings 083 234 3454 .

Address: depart from Pine Lodge Resort, Port Elizabeth Beachfront

Contact Details:

Cell: 083 234 3454 


Opening Hours: Enquire for availability

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