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NEW!!! Free guided tour of Cape Recife Lighthouse and 15% discount on Coastal Marine Safari 

Enjoy a Free Cape Recife Lighthouse tour.

The original Portuguese name translates to “Cape of the reefs”, a reference to the geological features of this south-eastern part of South Africa’s coastline upon which many ships met their end. For this reason, an historic lighthouse was built on this promontory. The Cape Recife Lighthouse was built in 1851 and the first light beamed across the ocean on 1 April of that year. The lighthouse warns passing ships of the dangers of the romantically named Thunderbolt Reef – named after the HMS Thunderbolt, a British Royal Navy Sail and Paddle Frigate. Several natural hazards such as Thunderbolt Reef and Roman Rock, not far offshore, have claimed many a ship. The lighthouse is a twenty-four-metre high masonry tower, octagonal in cross-section.  Originally painted four alternate bands of white and red, this was changed in 1929 to black and white bands which is the present colour scheme.

We offer the possibility of a glimpse into another world with our tours of this fabulous piece of infrastructure. Lighthouses encompass an aura of romance, danger and legend – oh the stories they could tell! Be swept up in the drama, relive the history and feel the significance that this beacon has held for so many whose lives are spent on the ocean.

15% Discount on a Cape Recife land-based Marine Safari

We are delighted to offer a new, exciting adventure activity to our visitors. The dynamic team from Bellevue Forest Reserve is offering exclusive marine safari excursions to experience this jewel. The suite of  activities available for visitors to the Cape Recife Nature Reserve is an outstanding addition to the area’s many natural attractions, exposing tourists to a range of coastal fauna and flora, including whales, dolphins, penguins and other bird life, as well as myriad residents of intertidal zones and dune systems. 

Three hour tours are open to day trippers and include either a delicious beach breakfast (morning), or an evening drive culminating in a sundowner stop with snacks and drinks from a magnificent viewpoint. This unique destination is accessible through trips by vehicle on tracks behind the dune cordon and include stretches of walking on dunes, beach and rocks. The coastal safari is a perfect way for families to enjoy and appreciate a breath-taking part of South Africa’s coastline, in the company of whales, dolphins and so much more.

Pass offer: Pass holders free guided Cape Recife Lighthouse Tour and 15% discount on a Coastal Marine Safari. Coastal Marine Safari is subject to a minimum of 4 pax per trip.

How to book: Prior booking required, due to groups and weather. Show pass on arrival. Bookings 083 234 3454 .

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