100% Money Back Guarantee

Unable to use your pass! Get a full refund on unused passes.


Most of the tours and activities included with the Pass allow you, and some require you, to book ahead using the number on the front of your Pass. Each attraction’s webpage has information on how to book, terms and conditions and will indicate if prior bookings are essential. All products / offers are subject to availability and weather dependant if outdoor based. Tours and some activities may require credit card information upon booking, you will only be charged if you fail to show up for your tour or the activity.

If you are unable to use your Nelson Mandela Bay Pass you can request a full refund on your Nelson Mandela Bay or request an extention. Please note that should NMBT agree to a refund (special occasions only) the refund will only be done whilst the pass holder is still in South Africa. No refunds can be done to any visitor for any reoson should the pass holder be unable to collect the refund amount in South Africa. Extentions of expiry date might incur additional costs should the pass price have increased since the original date of purchase. No refunds will apply on any passes that have been used.