Ama ‘TUK-TUK Beacons of Hope’ Tour Free Tuk Tuk Tour


Free Ama ‘TUK-TUK Beacons of Hope’ Tour 

A delightful blended tour on board a zippy 3 wheel, open Tuk-Tuk - a modern day motorised Rickshaw. Starting and ending off at Bayworld parking lot.

From Bayworld, we zip off to the southern tip of Algoa Bay and visit the renowned Cape Recife Lighthouse. Situated within the Cape Recife Nature Reserve and still actively warning sea captains off Thunderbolt Reef since 1851, here you have an opportunity to walk on the wild side, take in the history, spectacular coastal views and fresh sea smells, dip your toes in the ocean or allow the warm sand to massage your feet before we again zip off back along the coastline to another historic Beacon of Hope and History, The Donkin Lighthouse and Pyramid.

Situated on a hilltop overlooking the majestic Algoa Bay of Port Elizabeth, the Donkin Lighthouse towers over the Pyramid which was built in 1861 by order of Sir Rufane Donkin. Besides scaling the lighthouse for remarkable views over the City, you can take in the story of the tragic love story that led to the naming of the city of Port Elizabeth. Surrounding the Donkin, we venture further to take in some of the sights of the historical suburb of Central that makes up the Donkin Heritage Route.

Pass Offer: Free Tuk Tuk tour

How To Book: Prior Booking required. Max 4-6 people. 

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