Raggy Charters 25% discount


Pass holders receive a 25% discount on the Penguin Island cruise and whale watching tour.

Raggy Charters offers island, sea and sundowner cruises in Algoa Bay. See Cape fur seals, numerous sea birds, surrounding shipwrecks and even schools of dolphins. Visit the St Croix Island marine reserve and see the largest (20 000) breeding colony of endangered African penguins. We start the tour with a harbour cruise and a full safety briefing after which we exit port and set a course for the islands. Both high-speed catamarans have a specially designed viewing platform which allows the guide to have the best possible view. Bottlenose dolphins are common throughout the year and are seen in schools of between 50 and 400. Common dolphins are sometimes spotted further offshore in majestic groups of up to 2 000 while humpback whales frolic in the waves closer to shore. Your best chance to see humpback whales pass the Bay is from June to August as they make their way to their breeding and calving grounds off East Africa. They return with their calves from October until the first week of January. It is truly a beautiful experience. The southern right whales start arriving in the Bay during July and leave by the end of October. They calf and mate within the protection of the quieter waters of Nelson Mandela Bay.

Pass offer:

Pass holders receive a 25% discount on the Penguin Island cruise and whale watching tour.

How to book: Prior booking required with Raggy Charters. When booking mention that you are booking and have a NMB pass and that you want the discount.

Please note there needs to be at least 4 persons on boat to launch. If less than 4 in your group find out if there are a group to join


Algoa Bay Yacht Club, Port Elizabeth Harbour, Port Elizabeth

Contact Details:

Mobile: 073 152 2277

E-mail: info@raggycharters.co.za


Opening Hours:

Weather dependant 1 & 1/2 hour to 3 hour cruises

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