Addo River Cruises Discounted ferry trip


20% or more discount on the Sundays River Cruise and/or Sandsledding experience.

Discover the secrets of the beautiful Sundays River, bordering the Addo Elephant National Park. Take a 2,5 hour river cruise on the SUNDAYS RIVER FERRY and explore the world renowned Alexandria/Colchester dune fields, or, discover the beautiful scenery and plentiful birdlife up stream. During and/or after the cruise you could enjoy a meal and drinks, either on the banks of the river or while you’re cruising.

Come and enjoy the adventure of our extended river cruises, party cruises, safaris cruises, booze cruises and sunset cruises. Special private party and work function cruises are also available. Call us for free quotes.

The SUNDAYS RIVER FERRY river cruises and safaris is only 40 km drive from Port Elizabeth.

For a small additional fee pass holders can also do sand sledding. Sand Sledding is the best way to explore and experience some of the highest, as well as one of the worlds largest, coastal dune field systems in the world. These Magnificent dunes, known as the Alexandria Coastal Dunes, are situated at the mouth of the Sundays River near the Addo Elephant National Park, a mere 40km from Port Elizabeth.

Pass offer:

Recieve a 20% discount or more on the Sundays River Ferry cruise and/or Sand Sledding experience. 

Please note that the boat can only run should there be 4 or more persons. Please check if there are trips running should you be less than four. Additional fees can be paid to have the boat run should you be less than four guests and the ferry is not running. These fees to be discussed with operator.

Sand Sledding Cruise (duration 2,5 hours) 
The sand sledding is contingent on the cruise.
The above package includes:
A 50 minute return cruise to the dunes. 
Sand Sled/Board hire per person
Coaching on how to use the board
Polishing and waxing the boards by trained helpers
Sand Sledding/boarding time +/- 1 hour 40 minutes
Free Snacks on board – dry snacks, mini cheddars savouries & 330 ml soft drink per person
Groups larger than 10 will have their boards carried to the top of the dune

Scenic River Cruise (duration 2,5 hours)

This cruise does not include any sand sledding activity

The above package includes:-
A 120 minute return cruise of the Sundays River estuary. 
A mandatory 30 minute stop over at the dunes
Great scenery of and birds eye view of the Sundays River Estuary
Birdwatching paradise

The discounts apply as follows:

20% discount for between 1 and up to 10 pass holders

25% discount for between 11 and 20 pass holders

30% discount for over 20 pass holders.

How to book: Prior booking required with Sundays River Ferry. When booking mention that you have a NMB pass and that you want the discount.

Please remember that the boat requires a minimum of 4 persons to launch, if there are less than 4 in your group find out if there is a group you can join.


121 Aquavista Crescent, Cannonville, Sundays River Estuary, Port Elizabeth

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Opening Hours:

Weather dependant. Monday to Sunday 09:00 - 15:00 (October - April)

Monday to Sunday 09:00 - 14:30 (May - September)

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