Pearson Park Resort Free canoe or bicycle rental


Free entrance and canoe or bicycle rental in Pearson Resort

Pearson Park Resort offers pass-holders a free one day entrance pass into our resort plus the use of either a canoe or bicycle for the day. The resort is on the banks of the beautiful Sundays River and is a paradise for angling, bird-watching and watersports. The resort has camping and tent sites, a swimming pool, walking trails and access to unspoilt sandy beaches. Guests can enjoy a beautiful day at Colchester in an unspoilt wilderness area close to Port Elizabeth.

Pass offer: Free entrance and canoe or bicycle rental in Pearson Resort

How to book: Prior booking required. Contact Pearson Park Resort to book and request NMB Pass special.

Address: Pearson Park Resort, Colchester, 6175

Contact Details:

Phone: 041 468 0040

Mobile: 078 6433 066



Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs 7:00 am - 18:00 pm Fri – Sun 7:00 am – 21:00 pm

Terms and conditions apply